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The History

Formerly known as the E.O. Brown residence, the home was built in the early 1890's by Edward Othneil Brown for his young wife Clara. It would remain their lifelong home, a place for E.O. to return for the comfort and joy of his young family, a place for Clara to welcome home her ambitious husband.

She was to fill the house with love and charm, to raise her five surviving children there, to become forever the first lady of the house. He was to become the strong force behind the development of the Brown Lumber Co., the Rhinelander Paper Mill, the first refrigeration company in Rhinelander and also the Merchants State Bank. He was fundamental to the operation of these businesses, at times engaging in partnership with his brothers Anderson and Webster. At different times throughout his life, he was president of these companies. Loved and respected in the Rhinelander area, the couple led full and successful lives in their community until their passing both in the year of 1935.

The house came under the ownership of Mr. & Mrs. Becker. Mr. Becker was then and for many years to come, president of the Rhinelander Paper Mill. Folke and Alice Becker loved their home as did the Browns and as the years passed the home became known to many in town as the "Becker House". After the death of her husband, Alice Becker remained in her home until her passing in the year of 1973.

During the years from 1974 to 1981 the house was to become home for three more young families. Offered once again for sale in the summer 1981, it was shown to its current owner who became enchanted with the idea of restoring the home back to its original state. Honoring it once again as the grand home E.O. Brown had once so proudly built for his Clara.

Under restoration from January to July 1982, the house was painted, wallpapered and furnished to reflect the grace and charm of it's past.